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Thursday, March 14, 2019

Jaine Diamond Interview

On Tuesday I freaked and told you guys just how much I love the book Dirty Like Me. Well today I am so freaking thrilled to be interviewing the author, Jaine Diamond!!

I have to tell you that she is super nice which makes me love her books even more.

Thank you so much Jaine for taking time to answer all of my questions and for being so kind in the process.

1. What is the first thing you remember writing?
I was ten years old and my school teacher taught us about poetry and assigned everyone in class to write a poem. It was the first time the concept entered my mind that writing wasn't just something that magically existed in books; that it was something I could do. I wrote an overly idealistic poem about world peace, as only a ten year old can, and I was hooked. I was a writer from that day on.

2. What is the hardest part of being an author and what is the best?
I can only speak about being a self published author, as that is my experience, and I would say the hardest part is actually making a business out of being an author, in other words, making a living. I am incredibly fortunate that my partner in life is also my business partner, and he helps run the business end of things. He's brilliant at marketing the books - so readers find them. The best part is twofold: that I get to live my passion, which is writing books, and that I get to be in business with my man.

3. I've only read Dirty Like Me and Dirty Like Brody so far but I can't wait to read more about my new favorite boys! Who is your favorite male and female you've written in the series?
Thank you! So excited that they're your new faves. Seriously, every one of them is my new favorite while I'm writing them. They're all so different, and they're so real to me when I'm writing their story. All I can say is that Jude has always had a special place in my heart, for some reason I can't quite explain. I probably admire Katie the most, and not just because she has Jesse; because of who she is. But I truly adore every one of them, flaws and all. If I didn't, I couldn't write their story.

4. How did you come up with the concept for the series?
It began with Jessa and Brody, who are featured in the second book. I knew nothing about the rock star romance genre. I just wanted to write a love story and I had the kernel of an idea to write this book about a girl whose older brother was a guitarist in a band, and his close friend was the band manager, and she had a complicated history with him and a dark secret that was keeping her from being with him. But as I played around with the idea, her brother just kept getting louder and sexier ;) and insisted on his own story being told first, so he got the first book. As I wrote Jesse and Katie's book, the series really started to take shape in my head.

5. The band is familiar with fan girls and boys, what band do you fan girl over?
Well that's an interesting question. My first thought was, "My fangirling days are way behind me," lol. However. I'm pretty sure if Johnny Stevens or Alex Turner passed me on the street and asked to borrow my pen or something, I'd probably do something super smooth like walk into a pole.

6. There isn't a short of steamy moments in this series - is it hard to write these scenes?

No, actually! It's fun, but I'd say the biggest challenge is keeping those scenes fresh, interesting, and engaging. I can't just write sex over and again the same way, for the sake of throwing in a sex scene. It's like any given scene in a book: it has to keep moving the story forward or reveal something new.

7. Dirty is headlining a major world tour, which two bands are opening?

I"m assuming you mean if Dirty was in the real world? In that case, the lineup would be: Highly Suspect, Arctic Monkeys, Dirty. Dream concert!

8. I can't tell you how many times I smiled, laughed, got upset, or felt all warm and tingly while reading these books! Have you ever cried, gotten angry or laughed while writing this series?
That's so wonderful to hear and the highest compliment to me --when readers FEEL while reading what I've written. I don't think I've gotten angry. I've definitely cried and laughed out loud -- every book. I have this standard: I always say if I cry, laugh and get horny while writing the book, I'm doing it right.

9. Out of the entire series, which book was the most difficult to write and which one was the easiest?
Honestly, they were all difficult for different reasons. I definitely don't make things easy on myself and simply write "boy meets girl and sexy things happen...HEA". I would get bored so fast. But I have definitely cursed aloud at myself at the beginning of many of these books, like "what have I done to myself?" because I've set up really complex, difficult situations and then had to figure out how the hell to write them. Overall, though, Dirty Like Jude was probably the most difficult for me. For one thing, I wrote it under a too compressed timeline, and wrote around the clock, days, evenings, weekends, which was hard on me and my family, and not something I want to do again. Besides that, the story had challenges; I was daunted by weaving Jude's motorcycle club life into the book in a way that worked (but didn't take over) and did justice to it; that was extremely important to me as a fan of both Jude and MC romance as a genre. Plus, the timelines in that book (and all the past/present scenes) had to be diligently tracked and worked out so that everything lined up right. As for the easiest book, I'd have to say A Dirty Wedding Night was the least difficult to write. It was so much fun writing that collection of four stories of behind the scenes hookups on Jesse and Katie's wedding night, and the stories flowed really fast. I'm really thrilled with how that book adds so much to the series and sets things up for later books.

10 If Dirty Like Me had a theme song, what would it be?
R U Mine? by Arctic Monkeys, and for the HEA specifically, Adventure of a Lifetime by Coldplay. (Each of the books has a full playlist on Spotify to go with it! You can find them in the back of each book or on my website - linked below - just click on whichever book you want, and you'll find the playlist widget on the book page, where you can sample songs or click through to Spotify where you can hear the entire playlist.)

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