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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

A Little Like Destiny by Lisa Suzanne

Last month I downloaded this book with Kindle Unlimited. (I'll save you the speech on it because I already told you how wonderful KU is in my previous reviews) I picked it up a couple weeks ago and read all 3 books.

Like within a couple days.

I could NOT put them down.

Teacher Reese Brady goes with her best friend to see her absolute favorite band.

And then goes home with the lead singer. The literal man of her dreams. Mark Ashton.

The next morning she sneaks out of his penthouse, refusing to be "one of the many" who lingers in hopes he wants more than one night with them. Naturally once she reaches the lobby she drops her bag, spilling out its entire contents. While putting everything back in her bag an unbelievably attractive man starts to help her. He asks her for coffee but she passes.

Flash forward and she's now in an office building ready to meet someone who she's hopeful will donate money to her school. Turns out its the hot dude from the hotel who was helping her with her bag. Conversation happens and Reese finds herself attracted to the young businessman named Brian Fox. So she agrees to go out with him.

The two of them spend more and more time together and she begins to fall for him - however the entire time she's been with him she's not stopped thinking about her one night with Mark. Things begin getting more and more serious between the two and one night Brian takes her with him to a party at his brothers house to meet him and their sister. However when they get to the house it's a little familiar. Scratch that. A whole helluva lot familiar.

It's Mark's door.

Her boyfriend is the brother of her favorite rock star.


I'm going to start with my negative comment just to get that pesky little bugger outta the way. Sometimes Reese made me a little loony. She went so back and forth on things sometimes that I actually wanted to slap her to get her to focus. I'm not sure I've ever loved a character more that also drove me so crazy.

Okay now that that's over let me tell you more.

I am not the biggest fan of love triangles - they can drive me a bit wild sometimes - however I will say that never have I ever swayed once I pick a team. I love Jacob but girl, I'm team Edward. I love Peeta but no I'm team Gale. Whether the character ends up with the person I like most or not I still do not sway.

Until now.

I was totally team Brian. Nothing was going to change my mind and I mean nothing. When Mark was reintroduced and we go to learn more about that night and more about him I told myself, "Self, you will not change your opinion. You love Brian. You choose Brian." Then before I realized it I told myself, "Self, you have changed your opinion. You love Mark. You choose Mark."

The moment that I finished this book I began book 2 (which I finished in a day and a half or so) and then picked up the third. I couldn't stop reading. I needed to know what was going to happen. I had to know who she'd pick and how they would react.

I loved these books so much that now that I've finished I actually feel like a piece of me is missing. Yeah, it's that good.

So in case you can't tell I DEFINITELY recommend this book - and this series.

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