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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Falling For Ryan Part 1 by Tracy Lorraine

Good afternoon fellow book lovers!
I'm so excited to tell you all my thoughts on Falling For Ryan Part 1 but before I start I have to give you some back story.

I was wandering around on Facebook and an ad for this book came up. I clicked on it and it took me to Amazon and Kindle Unlimited. It was offering a free trial for a month and I figured it was worth a shot to just try it out. You can rent 10 books at a time and then when you want more you just return the ones you've finished or no longer want. It's basically a library but for your kindle which is awesome. It's $9.99 a month after your free trial and I think I'm going to start doing it. I can rent unlimited books for less than $10?! I mean, come on, that's awesome!

Okay, back to the review.

I'm obsessed.

Molly and Ryan are so wonderful I can't take it.

Here's the scoop, Molly's boyfriend cheated on her. Bastard. Worse part is she totally catches him in the act. Bastard squared. She runs to her best friend Ryan's house and he offers to let her move in with him. He's recently bought this big house and has more than enough room for her. They're best friends so what could go wrong? Well the fact that they have scorchin' hot chemistry for starters.

Throughout the book the two try and fight their attraction but it gets the best of them some times. The term "slow burn" is more accurate than ever when describing their relationship. I'm going to be honest, I don't usually like that. I hate reading a whole book waiting for the couple to finally get together the last 80% then something happens, they break up, and then they get back together at the end. I literally hate that. However Falling For Ryan didn't do that to me and I actually enjoyed the suspense of waiting for them to admit their feelings. It was kinda hot. Shhh.

There are two parts to this book and I'm thinking I'll review part 2 at a later date but I can tell you that it was also delicious.

Now here's the part that I never like doing but I am always honest with you all. A drunk driver has changed their life - I'm not going to go into further detail because I don't want to spoil anything - and for people who had to deal with that they sure drink a lot. It bugged me. I've lost a friend and my uncle both to drunk drivers so it's a sensitive issue for me. They are responsible in the book and never drink and drive and I feel like the author really calls attention to that fact but still, they drank way too much for my liking. The other thing that kinda got to be a bit much was the crying. I'm an emotional loon. I cry a lot. Over stupid things. Like really dumb things. But even I sighed a couple times when Molly cried because it was so often. Sometimes I totally understood why she would but eventually it got to be a bit much.

All in all though I absolutely adored this book and the characters! There are more in the series based on couples your meet in part one and two of Falling for Ryan which is one of my favorite things. I also have to point out that it was in dual POV which you all know is my fav.

If you haven't checked Falling For Ryan out yet I definitely recommend you go do that now!!

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