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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Book Makeup Tag

As I was pondering the YouTubes I found this tag done by Heather at Bookables and it seemed fun. Before she answered the bookish bits she named the makeup she uses so I thought I would too. Enjoy!!

Pick a book that left a lasting impression Haha, yeah I don't prime. As far as my book answer well guys we're starting it off early, The Fault in Our Stars.

Pick your favorite first book in a series
As far as makeup goes I use Tarte Amazonian Clay but the powder not the liquid. And as far as a book I'm going to go with my beloved Twilight.

Pick a character you wish you could get rid of Well before I read Up In Flames I probably would've said Nan but now that I don't hate her I'll go with Jane from Twilight...mostly because that's all I can think of.

Pick your favorite last book in a seriesNo powder aside from foundation so right onto the book and that's probably...hmm...let's go with City of Heavenly Fire.

A book that you think everyone should readI do not fill in my brows It's au naturel over her my friends. Since I've already said TFIOS I'll go with The Outsiders.

Pick a book that has your favorite colors on the coverI don't usually use eyeshadow but lately when I do I use my Lorac Pro palette and for a book I'm going to go with The Selection because that is the color i'm obsessed with atm.

Pick a dark & mysterious bookI've been using Stila liquid eyeliner in black and I'm going to pick...wow...I don't know. I can't really think of a dark AND mysterious book. Oh wait no no I got it, The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer.

Pick a loooooong bookI use Benefit Roller Lash and i'm going to go with the last couple Harry Potter books because those guys are HUGE.

Pick a book that had some cringe-worthy romance
I don't really use blush anymore so I don't have an up to date fav but a cringe worthy romance I'll say A Little Too Far by Lisa Desrochers.

Pick a book that brightened your dayWow, do I wear any makeup? Anything I've ever read by Sophie Kinsella has brightened my day especially her Shopaholic books.

Your favorite book kiss
I love Turkish Delight by Nars but it's a lipgloss not lipstick, am I disqualified now? The first book that comes to mind is Rule because the first kiss that him and Shaw have is so freaking hot. 

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