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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

This or That Book Tag

You read that title right today i've decided to do a book tag.

I've done a tag before and it was super fun so I figured it was about dang time I did another one.


: )

1. Audio or book in hand?

Easy. Book in hand. I've tried to listen to audiobooks before but I just can't do it. My issue is after reading a book you get a voice stuck in your head for the characters so then when you listen to an audiobook it's like heck no techno that's not what blabbity blah sounds like. Perhaps if I listened to an audiobook of a book i've never read the story would be different.

2. Softcover or hardcover?

I hate this question. Some days when I read a paperback i'm like hot damn paperbacks are the way to go. But then when I have a nice big hardcover in my hands i'm like nooooope hardcover is where the heart is baby.

3. Fiction or non-fiction?

Hah. Fiction.

4. Fantasy world or real life issues?

Good question. I go back and forth actually. Sometimes all I want is to read contemporary for like a month. But then I get all real life'd out and i'm like bring on some sexy vamps.

5. Harry Potter or Twilight?

I feel as if this is an unfair question. It's unfair because if I put Twilight i'm going to start receiving death threats. But I have to say Twilight---WAIT DON'T THROW ANYTHING! First of all I adore Twilight and second...i've never read Harry Potter.

6. Kindle, iPad or other?

I do enjoy reading on my Kindle a whole heck of a lot. What's funny is if I start reading on my kindle I only want to read on my kindle for a few weeks. Real live books just don't work for me. But then when I inevitably get sick of it and switch back to olden day actual books i'm all ew kindle real books rock.

7. Borrow or buy?

I have no problem with borrowing books from the library. My wallet is actually a big fan of the library. However I really enjoy owning the book. Especially if it's one of my favorites. And if it's pretty.

8. Bookstore or online?

Well since I live in a place that doesn't even know what a bookstore is I suppose I have to say online. But I love going to actual bookstores. There's just something about them that just makes me all happy on the inside.

9. Tell me one time or total trilogy?

Totes depends on my mood. That's a lie. It also depends on the story. Sometimes after I finish a book i'm like holy Percy Jackson I need mooooore. But then other times i'm like eh i'm glad that it's over after just one.

10. Monster read or short and sweet?

Again depends on my mood. Sometimes I see a big book and I almost wet myself. Other times i'm like oh yeah i'm going to take you on big boy.

11. Starry eyed romance or full on action?

Can I have both please? Is that being greedy?

12. Curl up in your snuggie or bathe in the sun?

Well I don't have a snuggie...and reading in the sun hurts my eyes.

13. Hot chocolate or latte?

What does this have to do with books? I could spill!

14. Read the review or decide for yourself?

Sometimes I read reviews, especially the ones on goodreads. But 6 out of 10 times I just decide for myself. That's a great thing to say since i'm a book reviewer ;)


  1. Hi! So I've been reading a lot of your tags today, just because i just found your blog and like tags. In the above questions HP or Twi, your explanation could have been as short as Twi, because I haven't read HP. Your regular readers know that you haven't read HP. It seems that you don't want HP fans mad at you for your choices.

    Well, my fangirl name is Twihard Potterhead and personally, as a member of both fandoms, I have no problem with your choice not to read HP. Read it, don't read it - that's completely up to you. However, you keep referencing it in your tags with "don't hate me, I haven't read it." Why keep referencing it? Perhaps a part of you wants to read the series, but you are rebelling. Again, it phases me not, just curious.
    Happy reading!
    Tea Time with Melody Q

    1. Thank you for reading my tags, I really appreciate you taking the time to check out my blog.
      I'm not rebelling against reading Harry Potter, I actually have said before that I want to, I'm just waiting to collect all of the books. I have had people in the past say to me that I should be ashamed for not reading Harry Potter but really I'm just being silly when I say that. I'm just being light hearted. I'm sorry if it bothered you though!!

    2. Okay, those people are goofy. No one should be ashamed of what they choose to read or not read. I still haven't read The Help. I wasn't bothered so much as it made me curious; and the references were a bit more obvious when you read tags back to back instead of as posted.
      Now, if you're waiting for the eBooks to come down in price to add them to your collection; I don't think that will happen. As far as hardbound... :-D ...your local library's used book sale should garner a couple. Or a used book store. I think even the last one is down to $6 or less. I was disappointed when I turned in my duplicates to a local indie - pristine condition for HBP and DH and only got $1 each in return.