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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Vincent Brothers by Abbi Glines

Let me take a second to finish wiping the drool off my face.


I'm going to be honest when I tell you that I read the first book "The Vincent Boys" and didn't really care that much for it.

Don't get me wrong Beau was hot and Ashton was cool...I just couldn't fall for them.

I was super hesitant to read "The Vincent Brothers" because I didn't care for the first book and because I didn't like Sawyer or Lana all that much. Atleast from what I saw in the first book.

But holy crap was I wrong! They were amazing.

The gist is that Sawyer and Ashton (the main chicky from the first book) dated for like 3 years and then broke up and now she's with Beau. Not really a spoiler since you can read it on the back of either book.

Anywho Sawyer is all heartbroken and blah blah blah.

Enter Lana who is Ashtons cousin and who has been in love with Sawyer for like ever.

Lana goes to stay with Ashton for the summer in hopes of getting Sawyer to notice her.

Boy oh boy does he notice her.

I adored Sawyer and Lana as a couple so freaking much! I kid you not I finished this book in 4 hours. I almost picked it up again right after I finished it.

And let me just tell you there was sexy parts. Ooh buddy.

I would definatly recommend this book to you if you're looking for a super awesome amazing contemporary. Even if you didn't like "The Vincent Boys" you def need to check this out!

Pinky promise you won't regret it!! : )

The Vincent Brothers Playlist
Blame it On The Rain: He is We
Prove You Wrong: He is We
Whatever It Takes: Lifehouse
Crazy Girl: Eli Young Band
I Won't Give Up: Jana Kramer
Realize: Colbie Caillat

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